The Lloydsboro Seminary

The Lloydsboro Seminary

The Lloydsboro Seminary is the setting for The Little Colonel at Boarding School. This view is of the original "Kentucky College for Young Ladies" (sketch from The Oldham Index, August 22, 1890).  It was a private, non-denominational school, located in Pewee Valley on Ash Avenue just behind Clovercroft, and the building dated from the late 1870s. The first president was A. E. Sloan.  Annie Craig (the real-life mother of "Miss Allison" and "Mrs. Walton," grandmother to the "Two Little Knights of Kentucky") was one of the many original supporters of the school. Fannie Craig ("Miss Allison") was one of its teachers after graduating from the school in 1877. 

The school was a boarding college for young ladies, two girls in each of its forty rooms. The girls all wore uniforms, and by the 1890s, boys were also allowed for day classes only.

However, by the time of "The Little Colonel at Boarding School" (published 1903) the school was already only a nostalgic memory.  A fire in the late 1890s destroyed the main building, and the school was moved to the Villa Ridge Inn and its name changed to the Villa Ridge Academy.  That building was in turn purchased in 1902 by the State of Kentucky to serve as the Confederate Home.  

By 1903, when the Little Colonel at Boarding School was introduced, the school was re-opened by Fannie Craig in a new location in a building behind Edgewood, The Craig residence.

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