Articles and Documents on General Lawton

Articles and Documents on General Lawton
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Lawton in the West, 1880s

Marsh Huffman and Geronimo "I told General Henry W. Lawton I would just as leave see my coffin as to accompany him to interview Geronimo".... From FACT AND FOLKLORE OF OWEN COUNTY, VOL I by Dixie Kline Richardson, Spencer, Indiana, ©1976

General Lawton's visit to Louisville in 1898.

Reception at the Galt House (several articles).  The Lawton's stayed here at the Culbertson Mansion during that visit.

In the Philippines

Battle Report, Report of an expedition to the Province of Laguna (Santa Cruz Expedition) April 8-17 1899, submitted by General Lawton to Division headquarters in 1899.  Note: this 125-page typewritten report is primary source material and is a part of the Culbertson Mansion Collection. This transcription is from General Lawton's own copy. It includes appendices and Lawton's hand-written corrections and signature.

Home Rule, from Harper's Weekly, Sept 1899. "Instead of finding a deserted town after the insurgents are driven out, the non-combatants now stay and trust the Americans."

Incidents of General Lawton's Second Advance on San Isidro Harper's Weekly, December 23, 1899  "Late that night General Lawton, after having been without food for thirty-six hours...walked into his new headquarters at San Isidro"

General Lawton as Warrior, Statesman, and Man - "Elegant Tributes from President Schurman of the Philippine Commission, and the Rev. Peter MacQueen, A Hero whom the Nation Mourns" From Leslie's Weekly, Jan 6, 1900.  Although this was published a little over two weeks after General Lawton's death, it contains much about Lawton's character, style and work in the Philippines, and notes on his family life as well.  Many pictures!

"Henry W. Lawton, the Soldier & the Man"  (Harper's Weekly Jan 6, 1900).  Includes substantial biography, including an unusual account of Geronimo's capture that is none too complimentary to General Crook, and many colorful stories about Lawton.  "Clad in a faded, dirty fatigue-jacket, a greasy flannel shirt of gray, trousers so soiled that the stripe down the leg was barely visible, broken boots, and a disreputable sombrero that shaded the harsh features burned almost to blackness, he was every inch a soldier and a man."

On the death of General Lawton.  
(Each contains extensive biographical notes)

LAWTON FALLS IN BATTLE  St. Louis Republic, December 20, 1899.
Reports on the death of General Lawton in the Philippines  page 1  page2  


The Funeral of General Henry W. Lawton in Manila, December 30, 1899, as reported with photos in Harper's Weekly Feb 17, 1900

ARRIVAL OF GEN. LAWTON'S BODY in San Francisco, Feb 1, 1900, from Harper's Weekly, with photos, Feb 1, 1900

The Funeral of General Lawton in Washington DC, Feb 9 1900, from Leslie's Weekly Feb 24, 1900, with photos.

General Lawton's Family We cover General Lawton's family in some detail on our "Little Colonel" web site.  General Lawton's wife and children were the models for the "Walton" family in Annie Fellows Johnston's Little Colonel series of novels for young people.  We especially recommend "Mrs. Lawton at Home," an article from Harper's Bazar, April 28, 1900 that details the General's home life.

On a Monument to General Lawton

In Washington:

56th CONGRESS, 1st SESSION HR.6871 Jan 18, 1900 

"The proposition for a State appropriation to build a monument to General Lawton at Arlington has aroused the enthusiasm of Major Shaler." INDIANAPOLIS STAR, Friday, January 5, 1905 By Louis Ludlow.



A MONUMENT TO LAWTON.  Washington Post - Feb. 28, 1909

LAWTON'S GRAVE  INDIANAPOLIS NEWS November 30, 1921.  The problems of suitably marking the General's gravesite at Arlington.

RECEIVES COMMISSION FOR LAWTON MEMORIAL  INDIANAPOLIS NEWS March 29, 1922.  Monument commission, has announced that the commission for General Lawton's monument has been awarded to Mrs. Myra R. Richards, of Indianapolis.


Lawton's Grand March for Piano or Organ, by Mary Corbin, 1900

The General Lawton, Indian and Spanish-American War Photo Album

Our Uncle Henry, connections to the Samuel Culbertson Mansion

A Short Biography of General Lawton

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