Mary Craig Lawton - A Group Photo from Arizona

A group photo taken near Fort Huachuca, Arizona, about 1885-86

1. Mrs. W. F. Tucker  2. Logan Tucker (now an officer in Marine Services)
3. Miss MacKenzie   4. Capt James Parker (now Col 11th Cav.)
5. Miss Cunningham  6. Capt. Lawton  7. Mr. Stephenson
8. Mrs. Lawton  9. Mrs. Chambers McGibbin 10. Capt. McGibbin (now Brig. Gen)
11. Mrs. Stephenson  12. Gen. John A. Logan
13. Photographers for Smithsonian  14.Jack Logan (afterward Maj. Jack Logan)

This photo (possibly heretofore unpublished) was brought to us on a visit by some of General Lawton's great grandchildren.  It was just a bit too large for the scanner and had to be scanned in sections and re-assembled, accounting for some of the irregularities in the photo.