Kitty Walton - Catherine M. Lawton

"Kitty Walton"
(In real life, Catherine M. Lawton)

Catherine M Lawton (the vivacious "Kitty Walton" of the Little Colonel series) was named after General Lawton's mother.  She was born on May 20,1890 in Falls Church, Virginia.  Sadly, Catherine died young, around 1923, She was never married and had no children.  She is buried with her parents in Arlington National Cemetery.

[Left] Catherine (from a family painting) 







Photo by Kate Matthews

Catherine ("Kitty") on the left, with Frances ("Allison") 
Picture taken at Edgewood
Photo by Kate Matthews

Catherine shortly before her untimely death
From The Sunday Herald Post
Louisville, Kentucky
December 23, 1928
Photo by Standiford

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