... More Little Colonel Books!

More Little Colonel Books, Etc.

While many of these are derivatives of the original Little Colonel Books, there will be some new reading here as well, especially on the Little Colonel Stories, Part II.  "Prequels" you may call them.

We're resting here at LittleColonel.com, having just completed Mary Ware's Promised Land but soon we'll begin treating each of these below.  Many at least have new illustrations! We hope this "list of coming attractions" will do for now.

[Left:  Cover of "The Little Colonel Stories"]

The Little Colonel Stories, 1899: A compilation of:
     The Little Colonel
     The Giant Scissors
     Two Little Knights of Kentucky

The Little Colonel Stories, Second Series (1931) A compilation of:
     Ole Mammy's Torment  (re-write of the 1897 book by the same name)
     The Three Tremonts (re-write of the 'Story of Dago' 1900)
     The Little Colonel in Switzerland (excerpt with minor revisions from The Little Colonel's Hero)


The Jewel Series each consisting of a tale from the Little Colonel Books

  • In The Desert of Waiting, 1905 from The Little Colonel in Arizona Chapter 8
  • The Three Weavers, 1905 from The Little Colonel at Boarding School Chapter 14
  • Keeping Tryst, 1906 from The Little Colonel's Christmas Vacation Chapter 4
  • The Legend of the Bleeding Heart, 1907 from The Little Colonel's House Party  Chapter 6
  • The Rescue of the Princess Winsome, 1908  from The Little Colonel's Hero Chapter 13
  • The Jester's Sword, 1909 from Mary Ware, The Little Colonel's Chum Chapter 13
  • The Road of the Loving Heart, 1922 a fairy story, the only tale NOT included in an earlier Little Colonel volume.

The Little Colonel's Good Times Book, 1909 - A diary for girls including a quotation on every page.  This came in a standard cloth bound version and a white kid leather version just as Betty used to have.

Story of the Red Cross, 1918 - Re-write/excerpt from The Little Colonel's Hero

The Little Colonel's Doll Book and The Mary Ware Doll Book, 1914 Cut-out dolls illustrated by Mary G Johnston.

The Land of the Little Colonel, 1929 -- Autobiography of Annie Fellows Johnston. (We hope to have this on line in 2018 when the book first comes into public domain)

Later Versions of The Little Colonel's Hero (1930's on)  We drop the friendly old German Major for a French one as the politically correct thing to do.

The Little Colonel Board Game, 1930  (Selchow & Righter)

The Little Colonel (the movie) starring Shirley Temple and Lionel Barrymore led to:

The Little Colonel, Shirley Temple Editions Three books featuring photo outtakes from the 1935 movie.

The Little Colonel merchandise of all types Including dolls, children's clothing, playing cards, artwork, plates  and plaques, etc.



Project Gutenberg

The Quilt that Jack Built (1904 illustrated)

Mildred's Inheritance (1906 illustrated)