The Little Colonel's Parents Gravesite

The Little Colonel's Parent's Gravesite
Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY
Section P

This is just off the hilltop circle in section P, near the CW Gheens Mausoleum (background)

John Hoadley Cochran, Feb 14, 1867 - July 16, 1936  "Papa Jack" (Little Colonel's Father)
Amelia Weissinger Cochran, Sept 8, 1867 - Dec 22, 1934 "Mrs. Sherman" (Little Colonel's Mother)


In addition, there are a number of family graves at this site that may help with the genealogy of the family.   We're not sure what the relations are here, or whether they have any interest or impact on the Little Colonel Stories, but they may, so are included for reference and perhaps answers to future research..

The general site from another angle.  The Little Colonel's parents are in the center (facing away),
perpendicular to the graves in the foreground.

Harriet Hoadley Cochran
*Sept 25 1833, + Feb 3, 1922
Archibald Prentice Cochran
* Mar 21 1823, + Mar 26 1889
(the Little Colonel's paternal grandparents)
(Little Colonel's parents are in the rear)

And in front of those those two graves, another row of Cochran's:

James Bridgeford Cochran *July 16 1891, + April 4, 1899
John Heywood Cochran, July 28, *1902, + Sept 6 1915

Belle Lee Cochran *Dec 17, 1893, + Sept 25 1930

Margaret Lee Cochran * May 5, 1867, + May 31, 1935
Heywood Cochran *Nov 19 1867, + Aug 1, 1931
(Heywood is the Little Colonel's uncle)

Children of Heywood & Margaret Lee →
cousins to the Little Colonel 

Other graves you see?  These must be other family members, but we have only guesses as to the relations.  They are The Little Colonel's cousins, uncles, aunts perhaps?

From Census records:

Archibald Cochran, age 57, born in PA
wife Harriet age 47, born NY
children Helen, age 17; Heywood, age 16; Octavia, age 14; Hoadley age 12. 
Which seems pretty conclusive that Archibald Prentice Cochran (1823-1922) and Harriet Hoadley Cochran were the Little Colonel's paternal grandparents.

Margaret is listed as the mother of 3 children, 2 living, which would account for James Bridgeford who died in 1899.

Heywood Cochran, age 45; wife Margaret, age 42; children Belle age 17; Archie, age 12; John age 8
(Heywood was the Little Colonel's uncle and Belle Lee and John Haywood Cochran and probably James BridgefordCochran were her cousins.)