Gravesites of "The Old Colonel" and "Amanthis"

Grave sites of the "Old Colonel" and "Amanthis"
Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY
Section N

Supporting documents, photos (most photos are clickable links):

From the National Archives
The "Old Colonel's" Civil War injuries

Col Weissinger's Obituary
Courier-Journal 2/25/1903

Call for comrades to attend funeral Courier-Journal 2/25/1903

Cemetery Card with plot map
(Plot owner was G W Weissinger himself)
Note wife followed him 2 months later
also 3 graves with unknown occupants.  Cemetery officer said this was common in the mid
1800s when people would come and do their own burials without informing the cemetery.  

Map of Cave Hill, includes locations of people associated with the Little Colonel

Map of Cave Hill Section N, arrow points to Weissinger site

Full site, view east
Colonel's presumed grave location marked in red

Full site, view west
Colonel's presumed grave location marked in red

Full site, view west
Colonel's grave location marked in red

Sallie Weissinger Beckurts (one of the only 2 grave markers at the site)

Emilie Chouteau Smith
(second of the only 2 grave markers at the site)

Detail of Emilie's Stone

Adjacent Plot (and perhaps some clues to the family relations)

Wilson Monument (front):

Thomas C Wilson MD
Born June 8 1808
Died Feb 25 1869

Caroline Bullitt
Wife of
Thomas C Wilson
Born May 16, 1815
Died July 10, 1874

Wilson Monument (back) 1

Wilson Monument (back) #2  
Henrietta's Stone is seen just behind monument on Rt side of picture, tiny portion of
Dan MD's shows behind monument.  These might be Thomas' parents?

To the Daughters of
Dr. Thomas C & Caroline Bullitt Wilson

Lucinda S.  Wife of Gavin H Cochran

Emma M  Wife of Herman Beckurts

Alice, Wife of Lyttleton Cooke

Caroline B  Wife of Edward Fulton

Anne Neville 1848-1920

Henrietta Johnson 1845-1925

Amelia B  Wife of Frederick Anderson

Henrietta Wilson
Died 1831 (?)
Aged 56
Daniel Wilson MD
Died 1858
Aged 73
Are these Thomas Wilson's parents?

Daniel Wilson MD  (Thomas Wilson monument base in background.  This is right
next to Henrietta (left) which is right next to the Weissinger plot. (left) looking east)

Bullitt monument 2

Amelia Bullitt

Also on site
Cuthbert Bullitt  1810-1906
Eliza White, Wife of Cuthbert 1815-1887

In addition, the Courier-Journal noted in it's society page on Feb 26, 1903:

Mrs. Samuel A. Culbertson and sons, Craig and William, have returned from a short visit to Florida

Mr. & Mrs. Hoadley Cochran have returned to their home in Pewee Valley, after spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carpenter and Mrs. Harry Weissinger.

(The Carpenters were the Old Colonel's niece (Anna, "Nan") and nephew in law (Frank). Mrs. Carpenter was the daughter of the Old Colonel's sister, Blanche and Captain Thomas Floyd Smith. She was also first cousin to Mrs. John Hoadley Cochran ("Mrs. Sherman") and was about the same age. And she would have also been the niece of Harry Weissinger, the Old Colonel's brother. )


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