Grave of "Rob Moore" (Muir Semple)

Gravesite of "Rob Moore"
(Muir Semple)

and a number of relations
Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY
Section 1

Near the end of the lake, the site from up the hill looking down, and down the hill looking up

Muir Semple
June 4, 1887 -Feb 18, 1952
Rob Moore

Ethel Davis Semple
Dec 15, 1889- June 17, 1951
(his real-life wife)

We almost missed Ethel, as her grave is almost completely covered by a small-leaf magnolia.
In the 1930 census Muir Semple has been married to Ethel for 10 years. They are 41 and 40 and no children are listed.

The Weissingers:

Of all the Little Colonel related folk, the monument to Harry Weissinger & family is the only grave site that is just a little more than humble.  Although Harry probably played no part on the Little Colonel stories (we can't be sure, because we don't have a real-life match for every mentioned character in the stories) he was the "Old Colonel's" real-life brother.  It was at Harry's home near 4th & Oak St. in "Old Louisville" that the Old Colonel's funeral began.  In the picture above, Muir Semple's ("Rob Moore's") grave is just up the hill behind the right side of the monument.  The four graves in front of the monument are as follows, left to right:

Blanche Weissinger 1868-1881, Harry Weissinger 1843-1915, Isabella Muir Weissinger 1846-1920,
and "In Memoriam" Judge Muir Weissinger January 28 1870 - August 1, 1952

The Muir family are the "Moore's" in the stories, and thus everyone here is at least related in some way to the Little Colonel characters.  This whole area is full of Weissingers and Semples.  We'll let you know if we find connections among any more
of them to the Little Colonel stories.