Annie Fellows Johnson Scrapbook - Newspaper "clippings" 1920

Annie Fellows Johnston Scrapbook
Newspaper "Clippings" 1920


Louisville Herald, February 18, 1920

Mrs. Annie Fellows Johnston, of Pewee Valley, widely-known writer, and author of the "Little Colonel" stories, is in St. Joseph's Infirmary, where she underwent a serious opera tion yesterday morning.

Dr. Bernard Asman, the attending physician, said that Mrs. Johnston's condition was s atisfactory last night and that the patient was resting well.


Louisville Times, March 3, 1920

Mrs,Annie-Fellows Johnston, famed as the author of the "Little Colonel" stories, and other book is believed to be dying at St. Joseph's Infirmary where s she underwent an abdominal operation two weeks ago.''

Five physicians are in almost constant attendance and her two sisters, Mrs. Albion Fellows Bacon and Mrs. Harlan, of Evansville have been sent for, her daughter, Miss Mary Johnston is constantly at, her side.

Mrs. Johnston's home is in Pewee Valley and she has been a member is of the Louisville literary fraternity for many years. The family. home was in Evansville, where she was born in 1863. Mrs. Johnston's first book appeared in 1893, a year after her husband's death.


Louisville Post, March 4, 1920

The condition of Mrs. Annie Fellows Johnston is slightly improved today. Mrs. Johnston, who underwent an operation at St. Joseph's Infirmary two weeks ago, has been critically ill, and it was thought Wednesday that she could not survive the day.

Kentucky Author Ill; 
Noted in Her Series of "Little Colonels"

Louisville Courier-Journal, March 4, 1920

[Photo: Mrs. Annie Fellows Johnston.]

MRS. ANNIE FELLOWS JOHNSTON, author, famous for her stories of Kentucky in the "Little Colonel" series, probably is fatally ill at St. Joseph's Infirmary, where she was operated upon two weeks ago. Five physicians are in attendance. A slight improvement was noticed In her condition late last night.





Louisville Courier-Journal, March 6, 1920

MRS. ANNIE FELLOWS J0HNSTON, noted Kentucky author who is seriously ill at St. Joseph's Infirmary will recover, is the belief of attending physicians.  Mrs. Johnston has improved steadily during the past two days.  With her are two sisters, Mrs. Albion Fellows Bacon and Mrs. Laura Heilman, Evansville, Ind.

Mrs. Anna F. Johnston,         
         Author, Is Improving

Louisville Courier-Journal, March 22, 1920

Mrs. Anna Fellows Johnston, noted author, who has been seriously ill at St. Joseph's Infirmary, is convalescing, and was removed to her home in Pewee Valley yesterday.  Mrs. Johnston was operated on by Dr. Bernard Asman two weeks ago.

Louisville Times, November 27?, 1920?

Mrs. Annie Fellows Johnston has made a contribution to a fund to pay expenses incurred by the Pine Mountain Settlement School in investigation of the murder of Miss Lura Parsons.  Miss Jesse O. Yancey, State Board of Health, will receive donations to the fund in Louisville and C. N. Mann, treasurer of the institution, in Lexington.

Webmaster note: Hindman Settlement School  was the mountain school that was the inspiration for The Shadow Club in The Little Colonel at Boarding-School (published 1904).  Pine Mountain was only opened in 1913. The links above take you to more information on this site about Lura Parsons and the Kentucky mountain schools.

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