Lloydsboro Valley

 "Lloydsboro Valley"
Pewee Valley, Kentucky

A lane in Pewee Valley ca 1900, photo (original b&w) by Kate Matthews

"I felt as if I had stepped back into a beautiful story of ante-bellum days. Back into the times when people had leisure to make hospitality their chief business in life, and could afford for every day to be a holiday; when there were always guests under the spreading rooftree of the great house, and laughter and singing in the servants' quarters."

Annie Fellows Johnston, 
In her autobiography, 
Land of the Little Colonel (1929)​





Scenes from Pewee Valley, KY (known as "Lloydsboro Valley" in the Little Colonel series of books)
[Left:  Clovercroft in the Spring]  [ Right:  The old post office, ca. 1910]