Final Resting Places

Final Resting Places 
of the models for the characters of The Little Colonel Stories

and their relations

First, we must note that it would be quite a mistake to exactly equate the models for the Little Colonel folk with the fictional characters.  Still, we feel that we know these people at least a little, and have some affection for them through their portrayals in the stories.  Certainly, much of their real-life personalities as well as many of their actual experiences are brought to life for us in the tales.  Thus, it's interesting, as well as poignant, when we can actually visit these people and their mortal remains in some of the beautiful places where they were finally laid to rest.  

At Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY
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At Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville, IN
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(photos of the entrance and administration building, old and new)

  • Annie Fellows Johnston the author +10/5/1931 in Pewee Valley, KY of carcinoma of the sub maxillary gland, Lot 29 grave 6

  • John E Johnston, her son (loosely Jack Ware in the stories) +9/26/1910 age 29 in Boerne, TX of pulmonary consumption (tuberculosis), Lot 29 grave 5

  • Mary Gardner Johnston, her daughter (sometimes "Joyce" of the stories) +7/16/1966 in Pewee Valley, KY age 93, Lot 29 grave 7

  • William Levi Johnston, Annie Fellows Johnston's husband, +02/08/1892 in Evansville of enteritis, Lot 29 grave 1

  • Hattie (or Hallie) Johnston (could this be William L's first wife?) +Aug 1883 age 34 of consumption (tuberculosis), Lot 29 grave 2

  • Willie Johnston (uncertain relation but in same area) +07/26/1882 of enteritis, Lot 29 grave 3

  • Rev. Albion Fellows, Annie Fellows Johnston's father +03/04/1865 of pneumonia Lot 59, grave 3

  • Ella Fellows, a sister of Annie Fellows Johnston +08/25/1865 age 9 of "congestion of the brain", Lot 59 grave 2 (next to Rev. Albion Fellows)

  At Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

  • General Henry Ware Lawton (General Walton) +12/18/1899 in battle, San Mateo Philippine Islands, Section East, site 841EH

  • Mamie Craig Lawton, his wife (Mrs. Walton) +01/05/1934, Annapolis MD, Section East, site 841

  • Catherine M. Lawton, their daughter (Kitty Walton) +10/03/1921, Section East, site 842W

  • Louise Bagby Lawton, their youngest daughter (Elise Walton) +11/11/1961 Section 4 site 2814

 At Cedar Hill Cemetery, Washington, DC

  • Manley C. Lawton (Ranald Walton, "The Little Captain") +01/11/1960, age 72 (Cedar Hill is in Suitland, MD)

At Pewee Valley Cemetery, Pewee Valley, KY (more)

  • Kate Matthews ("Katherine Marks") photographer of the Little Colonel stories and mistress of Clovercroft, +1956, age 86

  • African American section may contain gravesites of other as yet unidentified character models in the stories

Other and Unknown

  • Rebecca Porter ("Mom Beck") We know that she died in on May 9, 1921 at the home of her son on 15th St. in Louisville.  We also know recently that she was buried in Eastern Cemetery, adjacent to Cave Hill, but have not yet been able to locate her exact burial site.

  • Others.   There are a number of others (such as the other two Lawton [Walton] girls) we have no idea where they are now.  We certainly would be grateful to hear from any of you if you can help us out.