The Moore's of Oaklea - Based On The Muir Family

The Moore's of Oaklea
The Muir family were the real-life models for "The Moore's" characters
in Annie Fellows Johnston's "Little Colonel" series

"Judge Moore"
[Left]  patriarch of the Moore family and owner of Oaklea in the stories.

In real life his name was Peter Brown (P. B.) Muir, and his story closely follows his character in the Little Colonel books.

(with thanks to Kurt X. Metzmeier, Associate Director, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law Library, University of Louisville for the picture and information about Judge P.B. Muir )




The Little Colonel and Rob Moore  "At the Measuring Tree"
Photo by Kate Matthews

Miss Anna Burge Muir
Anna Moore of the stories
Rob's Cousin *

Photo from The Sunday Herald Post
Louisville, Kentucky
December 23, 1928
Photos by Standiford