Annie Fellows Johnson - Little Colonel "Scrapbook"

Annie Fellows Johnston - Little Colonel "Scrapbook"

This section of the site is devoted to miscellaneous materials on the real people and places that make up the Little Colonel stories.  Some are very personal in nature, but give a very human touch to the lives and personalities of some of the central characters. With special thanks to Mrs. Jean Lawton Reagan of Wellington, CO, Kathy Bagby of Charlottesville, VA, and Mr. Rudy Rau of Colorado Springs for their help and materials on the Lawton ("Walton") family.


Letter from Mamie Lawton to her mother, Fort Huachuca May 8th, 1887, on the death of her little daughter, Annie.  This poignant letter gives a clear look at the warmth and closeness within the real "Walton" family, and the softer side of the future national hero General Lawton.  You will also see what a wonderful writer Mrs. Lawton was in her own right.

Letters written by Annie Fellows Johnston

Newspaper "Clippings

From time to time, I will post newspaper clippings on Annie Fellows Johnston and the Little Colonel.  I can't say how often I will update this section, but if anyone out there has anything they would like to share, please email it to me, and I will see that it gets posted as soon as possible.  I have hundreds of clippings to be posted eventually.  For now, you can read the clippings I have copied from these years:

--Georgina of the Rainbows is published and receives accolades.

--More on Georgina of the Rainbows
--Mrs. Johnston's popularity in New Orleans

--The "Kaiser and the Service Stars, a Fairy Tale Made in America"
--Georgina's Service Stars is published.

--"Gifted of the Gods," comments by Annie Fellows Johnston on Henry Watterson.

--Annie Fellows Johnston becomes critically ill, her death expected.

--"Mom Beck" Passes away
--Annie Fellows Johnston on the banning of her books from prominent libraries.

--"Road of the Loving Heart" is announced
-- Annie Fellows Johnston elected a vice president of League of American Pen Women
--Little Colonel Declines Invitation
--Annie Fellows Johnston entertains at the Louisville Women's Club

--The Opening of the Film "Geronimo" updates us on the "Walton's"