The Incredible Story of "The Little Colonel"

Welcome to our website.  This is dedicated to the incredible story about the writing of the "Little Colonel" series of books by authoress Annie Fellows Johnston between the years of 1895 and 1910.   What started as an attempt to "write a book" ended up becoming one of the most popular series of books in the world at that time.  For decades since, tourists have come to Pewee Valley, Kentucky (known as Livingston Valley in the books) to see and feel the actual places that were the inspiration for their beloved series of "Little Colonel" books.  In fact, we still see visitors touring "the Valley" to this day!   On the following pages, you will learn more about the story of how Annie wrote the books, you will meet the actual people that the characters in the books were based on, and you will see the places that were models for locations in the stories.   We invite everyone to come visit us and see the museum of "Little Colonel" artifacts the Pewee Valley Town Hall to this day.

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