Gravesite of The Two Little Knights of Kentucky

Gravesite of The Two Little Knights of Kentucky
and their Parents

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY
Section 34

In section 34, across the road and near the J Graham Brown Mausoleum
Between two dogwood trees

The Culbertson Site
Foreground, Left to Right: Samuel Culbertson ("Uncle Sidney"), Louise Culbertson ("Aunt Elise"), William Culbertson ("Malcolm")
Background, Craig Culbertson ("Keith" not visible behind stone) Bessie Culbertson, his real-life wife


Craig Culbertson                               Bessie H Culbertson
Apr 18, 1890 - June 2, 1973                  June 21, 1892 - Dec 10, 1983


Samuel A Culbertson 1862-1948 /  Louise C(raig) Culbertson 1865-1938 /  William S Culbertson  1887-1935
Uncle Sidney                                      Aunt Elise                                          Malcolm
 Sister of "Mrs.Walton" & "Miss Allison" 

Note:  Italics denote their fictional names in the Little Colonel Stories