Unc' Henry

"Unc' Henry"
Real-life model for a character in Annie Fellows Johnston's "Little Colonel" series

His name was Henry, but we don't yet know his surname.
We meet him first in the The Two Little Knights of Kentucky as the old coachman.
the photo is by Kate Matthews
from Fox Film Corporation Scrapbook by the Little Colonel Productions, Inc.

The illustration below is by Etheldred B. Barry, illustrator of much of the Little Colonel Series.  It has just occurred to us that Ms. Barry must have been acquainted with at least some of the characters or their photographs, since the drawing bears a close resemblance to the actual person, from the white hair and beard to even the type of shoes.

"Daphne, what's dem chillun alluz racin' down to de spring house fo?"

Illustration by Etheldred B Barry from Chapter 3
Standard Edition