The Little Colonel's Cottage

"The Little Colonel's Cottage"


While we have no direct published source that says this was the cottage named in the original Little Colonel book, just down the way from the Locust where the Little Colonel lived with her mother and Papa Jack, it must be so as this was the real childhood home of Hattie Cochran, model for The Little Colonel.

Many thanks to Sally Tanselle of the Robert Tanselle Family, who have lived in the house from 1970 until the present, for sharing this vintage photo from the 1920s with us.  

Though it looks like the Little Colonel astride Tar Baby, this 1970 photo shows Amy Alsop riding Tom Terrific,
Sally Tanselle’s pony, alongside the Little Colonel’s cottage. The Tanselle family moved into the cottage that year.

Photo from “A Place Called Pewee Valley,” published by the Pewee Valley Centennial Commission in 1970